Equipment Operational Overview
Shoreline owns 25 tractors, 80 trailers, 5 flat beds, dry bulk tanker and soft side which complements our brokerage division. Shoreline also has straight trucks and cargo vans to support our local and expedited delivery systems.

Equipment Maintenance

Shoreline adheres to a stringent preventative maintenance schedule to ensure the safety level of our fleet. Work is performed on our equipment mainly by our own in house mechanics. This not only allows us to control the scheduling of maintenance but our costs as well.


Shoreline has 35 carefully screened DOT certified company drivers. We have developed an employee safety program that includes a random drug testing procedure and an employee safe driving and injury free performance record.

Brokerage Division

This Division allows us to go outside of our company and provide the needed service along with a competitive price to our customers for their service requirements. This division can arrange for transportation of goods throughout the world. One phone call opens up to anywhere in the world.

Third Party Logistics

Our Third Party Logistics Department is geared to offer your company from auditing and paying your freight bills to negotiating freight rates from as little as one carton to a full truckload. Ask one of our associates for a free consultation.

Warehouse Division

Shoreline offers a 30,000 square foot trade free bonded warehouse fully monitored 24 hour protected facility for either short or long term storage. Cross docking service is available as well.